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SPF50+ Glow Body Mist Top Up

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Meet your all-in-one Glow Body Moisturiser and High Performance SPF50+ in one easy-to-use light mist spray. This non-aerosol pump spray ensures you're getting SPF UVA+UVB Broad Spectrum protection while leaving your limbs hydrated, glowy and infused with a heady dose of antioxidants. 

This transparent, non-sticky formula is non-greasy and infused with our signature Vitamin C-rich Kakadu Plum & Watermelon Oil for extra antioxidants, hydration and stunning moisturised glow. Don't leave home without it! 

Please note: Our Glow Body mist is non water resistant. To get the full SPF coverage you need at least 7 sprays per limbs (think of it as a thick cream being applied so you'll need to see it). You can rub in lightly with your fingers to ensure adequate coverage. And reapply immediately after swimming or towel drying. Best way to use is to wear your SPF cream in the morning and use the Glow Body Mist as a top up throughout the day. More is more so keep spraying! 

Size: 150mL

Please allow extra time for delivery of mists. Not available via express post.  Prolonged high risk sun exposure should be avoided. Frequent re-application and use in accordance with directions is required for effective sun protection

  • Australian Made
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Paraben Free
  • Non-Comedogenic
  • Mineral Oil Free & Phthalate Free

Hero Ingredients

Watermelon Extract is full of antioxidants including vitamin C, skin-plumping amino acids and the phytonutrient lycopene. It basically does it all! It moisturises, plumps and smooths, as well as treats fine lines and fights free radicals.

One of the world’s richest natural sources of Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum extract is commonly found in Northern Australia and is the key to super hydrated, moisture-filled, illuminated skin. A true superfood, it’s also rich in Vitamin E, folic acid and carotenoids. It’s known to reduce the signs of aging, clear bacteria, fight against free-radicals and even clear skin irritations.

Full Ingredients

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane 30 mg/g, homosalate 100 mg/g, octocrylene 80 mg/g, octyl salicylate 50 mg/g. OTHER: ethanol, butyloctyl salicylate, d-alpha-tocopheryl acetate, naturally-derived Australian fragrance (less than 0.5g), hyaluronic acid, Terminalia Fernandina (Kakadu Plum), Watermelon Extract.

SPF50+ Glow Body Mist Top Up





Shake very well before use. Spray evenly and generously 7 times for each section of your body, or until skin is fully covered, while holding the bottle around 20-25 cm from your skin. If you think you've missed a spot, use hands to rub mist in. If in the sun, make sure you re-apply every 60 minutes. Store below 30 °C.

WARNINGS: Avoid contact with eyes or on damaged skin. Do not inhale. Avoid prolonged sun exposure. If product gets into your eyes, or you notice any irritation, cease use immediately and seek medical assistance.