The Clear Glow Travel Bundle
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The Clear Glow Travel Bundle

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Meet your NEW Clear Glow Travel Bundle! Designed for topping up your SPF on the go, with our award-winning SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist (travel size) and our new SPF50 Clear Glow Sun Stick.  

The perfect travel essential for every handbag!


What’s Included

SPF50 Clear Glow Sun Stick (Dry Body Oil / Face Top Up Stick)

Our SPF50 Clear Glow Sun Stick is your invisible SPF50 Dry Body Oil & Face Top Up Stick! This multi-purpose formulation absorbs seamlessly into the skin and is 100% invisible. It has zero whitecast, rubs in seamlessly and has no added fragrance. Created for topping up your SPF when on the go without sticky fingers.

SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Travel Face Mist

This game-changing, award winning SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist is now in a LIMITED travel size! Packed with native Australian antioxidants, it provides the perfect way to top up your SPF OVER makeup or on its own.

How to Use

Apply a thick layer of this broad spectrum protection SPF50 sunscreen on the body, and rub it in to ensure no areas are missed. Use as a top-up SPF for the face. Apply 20 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every 90 minutes when outdoors.


Actives: Homosalate (10%), Octocrylene (8%), Octyl Salicylate (5%), Butyl Methoxydibenzoilmethane (3%)
Excipients: Medium Chain Triglycerides, Ceresin, Dicaprylyl Carbonate, Butyloctyl Salicylate, Polyethylene, Watermelon

Key Features

This unique dry body oil SPF50 Clear Glow Stick is perfect for use on your body or face. Rub in well for best results.

100% Clear

Our innovative formulation is 100% clear, making it suitable for all skin tones.

Watermelon Extract

Packed with antioxidants and Watermelon Extract for added hydration and a boost of Vitamins.


Broad Spectrum UVA + UVB Protection 

How To Use

  • Take off your lid and twist the bottom of your stick

  • Apply generously a thick layer of your dry body oil onto your body. Ensure that you rub in well and don't leave any bits exposed

  • When using on face, ensure you've applied your face SPF in the morning, and use for top-ups only, unless you're happy to thickly apply the stick across your entire face leaving no bits exposed.

  • Be sure to top up your SPF every 90 minutes when outdoors

  • Can be used under makeup or on its own!

ALWAYS READ THE LABEL AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS FOR USE. Sunscreen is only one form of sun protection. Prolonged high-risk sun exposure should be avoided. Reapply as directed.

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