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Naked Sundays was born out of sheer necessity, to fill a major gap in the market.

Our founder, Samantha Brett, was a news reporter for almost two decades (plus bestselling author of 9 books, former beauty editor, dating columnist, mum, the list goes on...)

Being out on the road in the blazing sun for hours on end, Samantha realised quickly that there was no way to top up her SPF OVER her makeup.

After witnessing two colleagues have to get skin cancers cut out of their faces, she knew something needed to be done. 

And after interviewing over 2000 millennials, the data was startling: 70% didn't wear sunscreen everyday, and yet they are the most at-risk group (according to The Melanoma Institue) of skin cancer.

Their main complaints? Sunscreen was too sticky, too white, annoying to put on, and didn't play well with makeup...

Samantha began researching how to create an SPF for OVER makeup, that would actually be good for skin, and double up as a beauty product. PLUS, ways to encourage the next generation to actually WANT to wear SPF.

Samantha discovered a secret ingredient that had never been used before in sunscreen (hello vegan collagen!) and ways to use SPF without whitecast or sticky fingers (hello SPF BFF Brush & mists!)

She began canvassing millennials about whether they would in fact use multi-tasking SPFs, that were actually good for their skin, anti-ageing, hydrating, glowy, fun to wear, high performance AND would look super cute on their shelfie.

Samantha quickly discovered it wasn't only millennials who had an issue with sunscreen, but women of all ages (and kids, and men, and husbands).

So ... Naked Sundays was born. An SPF for your face and body, that you'll actually want to wear every single day.


We are 100% vegan and cruelty free, with no oxybenzone, no octinoxate, no whitecast, no mineral oil, no parabens and no BS. We are also free from sulfates (SLS/SLES), GOs, petrolatum or synthetic colours. Our cremes, serums and lotions are 100% fragrance free too.


Protect your skin now... for kickass (and glowy and healthy) skin in the future. Wear SPF Every Day, and love every day like it's a Sunday; filled with self love and carefree vibes, and of course, a whole 'lotta lilac.


Our high performance ingredients act as humectants, hydrating the skin and retaining moisture all day long. Our exclusive Vegan Collagen is your anti-aging BFF, 100% plant-based and clinically proven to increase moisture and gives a blurring effect. 


Yep, we've been created and tested under the strictest sunscreen rules on the planet, so you know you're in good hands.


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