Welcome to Naked Sundays! We are all about skin-loving, high performance, multi-purpose, hands-free SPF - that is infused with hydrating & collagen-boosting antioxidants... to make your morning routine as easy as 1, 2! 

Why we were born 

After witnessing two close friends get skin cancers cut out of their faces, we knew something had to be done when it came to wearing SPF over your makeup, and making it simple to top-up throughout the day.

After polling 500 millennials (PollFish) and discovering 70% don’t wear sunscreen everyday, our mission was to change the status quo.


The most common reasons 3 out of 4 said they refused to wear SPF everyday? It's "white”, “it’s sticky” and “it’s terrible for your skin!”


Cue Naked Sundays - and our goal to create unique multi-tasking SPF 50+ ‘BeautyScreens’ you’ll actually enjoy wearing. 

Our innovative delivery systems (cue our SPF BFF brush!) means you won’t get the dreaded “sticky hands” or spread bacteria when you reapply during the day.
Finallyyyy, sunscreen that is simple, good for your skin & actually looks super darn cute on your shelfie too. 

Our SPF Heroes 

Since launching in January 2021, we’ve sold over 10,000 of our SPFs, hailed as true “game-changers” for millennials (and pretty much everyone!) who hates or refuses to wear sunscreen. 

We created our innovative (now bestselling) Naked Sundays SPF50+ Hydrating Glow Mist to finally allow you top-up your SPF without ruining your makeup (or your good vibes, whoop whoop.)
Plus, our exclusive vegan collagen in all our 4-in-1 'screens (primer, moisturiser, collagen-booster & SPF), smoothes & hydrates your skin for a flawless finish so your morning routine just got a whole lot simpler.  (No filter needed!) 
What we stand for 
We are 100% vegan & cruelty free, with no oxybenzone, no octinoxate, no whitecast, no mineral oil, no parabens and no BS. We are also free from sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, petrolatum or synthetic colours. Our creme is 100% fragrance free too.  

Our motto?
Protect your skin now.... for kickass (and glowy and healthy) skin in the future. And live every day like it’s a Sunday; filled with self love & carefree vibes. And of course, a whole ‘lotta lilac 😉  ✌️ 💜