Body Confidence with Keira Maguire x Naked Sundays

Keira Maguire naked sundays
Q: What do you love about beings outside and outdoors?
Keira: I love being outdoors, as much as I can & obviously with restrictions it’s so nice to be able to go for walks around Albert Park, but when not in lockdown I actually love to find hidden gems & walks trials, I live to explore whatever city I may be in.

Q: Have you always known about sun protection or are you only been aware recently? 
I’ve always been very aware of the damage the sun can do. I actually stopped sunbaking for longer than 20mins a long time ago. 
This girl only fake tans these days. I’m not getting any younger. That’s why wearing sunscreen is key.
Q: Self confidence is such a work in progress, these pictures are amazing!!! how have you overcome any self confidence doubts? 
Keira: The only thing I’m really self-conscious about is my acne scarring but I’ve also come to terms with the fact that I’m not ever going to fully get rid of it. So I accept it as a part of me. I also use every products & laser available to make sure I don’t age. One of the most important ones is sunscreen. Things that I do to help with my self confidence are going for a walk and keeping active, surrounding myself with likeminded people and positive affirmations in the morning. 
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