Can I layer my SPF? All your SPF50 Glow Balms questions answered with Dr Michelle Wong

Want to know the benefit of our SPF50 Glow Balm Sticks for your cheeks, eyelids and lips? We asked skincare expert Dr Michelle Wongaka @labmuffinbeautyscience (Chemistry PhD & Cosmetic Chemist) to answer all your burning questions!  

NS: Can you layer your SPF ?

Dr Michelle Wong: Yes, you can layer your SPF! In fact, studies have found that applying two layers of SPF products will give you better protection and less missed spots, whether it's two layers of the one product (see here & here for official scientific information), or makeup over sunscreen. This is safer than mixing two products, which can potentially lead to uneven protection.

NS: Is there benefit to using makeup (blush, eyeshadow, lip) with SPF50?

Dr Michelle Wong: Makeup with SPF can add some extra sun protection to your skin (see info here). This is especially useful for areas of your face where your regular sunscreen might not work as well, like your eyelids and lips. However, you won't be able to rely on makeup alone for sun protection, since you likely won't be able to apply a thick enough layer to get the SPF on the label.

NS: If you put on SPF under your makeup, can you layer SPF over makeup with SPF50 makeup Glow Balm sticks and an SPF50+ mist?

Dr Michelle Wong: You can definitely layer sunscreen over makeup, although you will run the risk of messing up your makeup a bit! That's why an SPF mist is a great option to try to minimise any disturbance. Makeup sticks can also be easier to control. However, if you're getting intense sun exposure, it's probably a good idea to reapply a thick layer of your regular sunscreen.

NS: Does it affect your SPF or add to it?
Dr Michelle Wong: Adding extra layers of SPF products will generally increase your sun protection. Very rarely, different sunscreen products can contain incompatible ingredients that can destabilise each other, so it's best to look for SPF products with similar ingredients.
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NS: Eyelids are often neglected when it comes to SPF, how important is it not to forget them?  

Dr. Michelle Wong: About 5 to 10% of all skin cancers occur on the eyelids, so it's important to protect this area! Sunglasses that meet the Australian standard (AS/NZS 1067:2016) will give good protection against UV (they'll also help prevent cataracts). You can also add to the protection by using SPF-rated products around your eyes.
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