Forget "SPF Cocktailing", the Naked Sundays SPF "Sundae" is Actually Good For Your Skin

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There are plenty of things that cocktails are good for; brunch with the girls, afternoons on a rooftop, date nights or celebrations. What they’re not good for, is your skincare or makeup routine.
Yet another beauty trend has taken over TikTok and honestly, we’re exhausted. SPF misinformation is a constant battle and the latest fight is against SPF Cocktailing, a trend of mixing skincare and makeup into SPF in an effort to speed up morning routines and nail a glowing, healthy-looking makeup look in just a few swipes.
However, mixing anything in with your SPF leaves a chance for the ingredients to adversely impact the performance of the SPF actives and the way it interacts with your skin. As a brand that’s all about encouraging people to wear sunscreen the right way, you can see why we’re not fans.
“Working with so many skin cancer charities, I've learnt to appreciate the efficacy of sunscreen. So, when experts warn against mixing sunscreen with makeup as your actives might destabilise, this certainly got me extremely concerned about the SPF cocktailing trend,” shares Naked Sundays Founder, Sam Brett.
“You want your sunscreen to sit as a layer above skincare or below your makeup, but not actually ‘mixed in’ with anything so that it gets to work as hard as possible without being destabilised by other ingredients.”
Lucky for you, we’ve got a solution to your morning makeup woes in the form of three multi-tasking, glow-inducing and protective products that are actually safe to mix into customisable combinations without any risk. 
“It has always been my dream for people to be able to wear a full face of Naked Sundays SPF with every product they use! One thing that is cherished in makeup routine is Bronze Drops, Illuminating Serum and Illuminating Primers. I love the way they make the skin glow and give a sun-kissed affect. But there are ZERO products of these on the market with SPF. So, I decided to create them,” shares Sam.
Our brand-new CabanaGlow™ Mineral Glow Serum Drops are the perfect ingredients for that time-saving yet unbelievably illuminated makeup look you’re longing for and we’re dubbing it the SPF Sundae.

Think of the sunscreen as the soft serve; the hero ingredient with a velvety smooth serum texture, a touch of illuminating tint (aka the sauce or syrup), and a sprinkle of skin-boosting antioxidants as your cherry on top.
It’s protection first, makeup second and gorgeous glowing skin always.
A whole lot sweeter than a cocktail, the SPF Sundae is a real treat for your skin and we’ve already done all of the mixology for you so the CabanaGlow™ Mineral Glow Serum Drops can act as your illuminating primer, SPF and skin perfector in one. And, if you’re feeling like getting creative with your combos, you can mix each of the shades together to customise your colour while helping to brighten skin tone, provide protection and create a flawless, filtered finish.
Let’s meet the three dreamy shades…
Bronze Tint: Deep illuminating skin drops with buildable pigment to create bronzed looks. They can be mixed with our lighter shades to customise the finish and are suitable for all skin tones.
Illuminating Tint: Provides a glowy and illuminated finish that helps to blur and perfect uneven skin tones and its suitable for all skin tones.
Pearl Tint: Subtle pearlescent pink that will help brighten and even out light to medium skin tones for a glowing and light-catching finish.

As for how to use them, Sam has the perfect routine;
“Mix your CabanaGlow™ SPF Bronze Drops and CabanaGlow™ Illuminating SPF Serum using our SPF BFF Brush to blend together. The beauty is they're both the exact same mineral actives so mixing them doesn't cancel each other out!”
“Add a pop of colour on your cheeks, a swab of Naked Sundays SPF50 Glow+Go Lip Oil, and you're out the door and ready for the day. Take your SPF50+ Mist with you for topping up!”


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