How to Layer Your SPF (the Naked Sundays way!)


In the skincare world, "multi-masking" was the trend that really unlocked the beauty community’s penchant for personalization, and we think it’s the perfect philosophy for ensuring you (and your skin) are getting the absolute most out of your SPF choices!

Never heard of it? "Multi-masking" is when you choose a variety of face masks, all with unique properties, and then layer them on your face in the areas of concern that match the mask. For example, a clay mask for decongestion in the t-zone, a peptide firming mask around the eyes and a hydrating mask on the cheeks.


The same concept can be applied to your sunscreen application ... But how, and why?! you might ask!

Well, different types of SPFs come with different benefits, and their unique properties make them ideal for mixing, matching and layering on your skin.

We also know that using the right amount of sunscreen is ultimately more important than the type of sunscreen you use, so tapping into the variety of powers from multiple SPF products is a sure-fire way to ensure complete complexion protection.

Now for the fun stuff; how to layer your SPF…

Start by choosing your favourite facial sunscreen as your base and apply it per the application instructions all over your face, avoiding the eye area and t-zone if necessary (more on that in a second). We love a lightweight option that will soak in quickly and leave your skin feeling hydrated instead of sticky. Think the SPF 50 Clear Glow Radiant Sunscreen Serum or our SPF 50+ Collagen Glow Crème.

Go easy on the eyes by choosing a mineral SPF for the area.

The delicate eye area can be pretty fussy and prone to sensitisation, even if you don’t consider yourself to have sensitive skin. So mineral sunscreen is a go-to for the area. That's because mineral sunscreens use Zinc Oxide to create a ‘physical’ barrier on the skin and filter the sun’s rays, a gentler process for the skin compared to chemical sunscreens that use a chemical reaction to absorb sun rays, convert them to heat and let them diffuse off the skin.

While we’ve formulated our Naked Sundays chemical SPFs to be ultra-gentle, zinc oxide itself can be a very soothing ingredient for sensitised skin making 100% mineral sunscreens a great choice for sensitive skin types and conditions. Use our SPF50 100% Mineral Sun Stick around your eyes or our award-winning SPF50+ 100% Mineral Perfecting Priming Lotion.

You can also use 100% mineral sunscreens to target an oily t-zone.

Prone to that 3pm slick of oil across your forehead and nose? Mineral sunscreen will help! As it’s a thicker and typically drier formula, it helps to combat shine in oil prone areas and will also stay in place a little better if you do get super oily.

Don’t forget to seal your SPF application with a kiss.

Your lips need sun protection too and regular eating, drinking (and kissing!) makes it hard to keep SPF in place throughout the day. Enter, SPF lip products! Our Glow + Go Hydrating Lip Oil is SPF 50+ and super nourishing so you don’t have to compromise chapped lips in place of SPF coverage. It’s also great for consistent reapplication throughout the day.


Finally, topping up your protection is just a spritz away.

We don’t mean to sounds bias but we think our SPF 50+ Hydrating Glow Mist is a revolution in reapplying your sunscreen without messing with your makeup or getting sticky hands! Reapplication every two hours is crucial to protecting your skin so be sure to keep the mist in your bag to apply it over the top of your makeup.

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