ASK AN EXPERT: Skin Secrets Wtih Celebrity Makeup Arists Rae Morris

"Apply more SPF than you think!"
Rae Morris is an Australian beauty icon whose expertise knows no bounds!
From editorials in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and iD magazines to authoring books, and even creating the most luxe makeup brushes an artist could use, her name is synonymous with influence in the artistry world.
So you better believe that when she shares her top tips on getting ready for the day, we listen up!


Q: First up, you have an incredible career and have created some very inspiring makeup looks. Where do you get your inspiration from? 

Rae: I would love to give a poetic answer here, but it’s so random. Everything inspires me, from architecture, movies, art …it’s all around us, and lately it’s been my daughter Sophia - she’s only 8 but loves picking up the brush. Even though it’s always so random, I get really inspired by the craziness of what she creates.

Q: What are your top tips for applying SPF underneath foundation

Apply more SPF than you think and let it soak in before applying anything else. I don’t think you should dilute it with 10 other skincare products either. I try to keep serums and other products I like to use under foundation, to a minimum, and I don’t add oily glossy makeup on top (unless it contains some form of UV protection).

Q: How can oily skin types navigate wearing SPF without having their foundation slip off or separate by lunch time?

Rae: This is a tough one, and the answer isn’t applying less because the amount you apply is crucial, a quarter of a teaspoon is a great general guide.

Applying a thinner layer can actually lower the protection - I too have oily skin, so I only use a serum and a light moisturizer, but the trick is to let skincare soak in first before applying your SPF. Not to mention overlaying our SPF with a foundation then things start to heat up and melt, so less is more.

Q: And what about reapplication? How can we stay sun safe without ruining our hard work?

Rae: You just have to re-apply. I like to keep makeup light where foundation is concerned so you can reapply - do it with a buff brush or a sponge. 

However with heavier makeup looks, I do actually wipe off foundations and reapply, it takes seconds to remove and with a great foundation brush, (which is why I designed my Radiance brush #26 and Deluxe Radiance #28 ) you can re-apply your base in under a minute.

Most BB or CC liquid foundations combine great with SPFs but you can weaken and make the sun protection unstable.

Don’t be fooled with foundations that contain sunscreen - they don’t always have the amount required to give you the protection they claim. Slap on a hat and keep your face out of the sun. Also, stay out of the sun during the middle of the day when the UV index is 4 or higher.

Q: What is your best beauty hack?

Rae: Drink more water! Drink until you don’t need to re-apply lip balm. (Quoted directly from a M.D friend of mine.)

Also, wear sunscreen. It’s the best anti-ageing and anti-pigmentation thing you can do, it’s harder to remove pigment once you have it than it is to prevent it.

Q: Finally, what are the five products you can’t live without?


  1. Tweezers
  2. Tube formula mascaras because they never run or bleed under your eyes.
  3. BB and CC cream foundations - they are gentler on the face and seem to cause less breakouts. Yes, most do contain sunscreen, but don’t offer enough protection when used on their own.
  4. My makeup brushes - can’t do makeup without them.
  5. Brow product - I do prefer brow gels. I like to use my angle brush and create strand by strand hairs. But a brow pencil is always great as a backup. Also, it elevates any makeup look you do.

 Rae Morris is the founder of Rae Morris

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