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Finally, your very first finger-free brush applicator specifically designed for smooth, flawless sunscreen application!

Created with synthetic fibres for effortless application, our flat-top head means blending is quick and effortless.

Keep SPF away from eye area & rinse brush after each use to ensure hygienic long-lasting SPF all day long. 


How to Use

Our Promise

At Naked Sundays, we are dedicated to providing you with clean, skin-loving sunscreen tested only on sun-loving humans, that are 100% vegan, environmentally-friendly, Australian made, and free from any nasties. Our formulas are tried, tested and re-iterated multiple times over to ensure that they are the most beneficial they can be, without white-cast, stickiness, parabens or nasties. Our mist has less than 0.5mL of fragrance, and please test first on sensitive skin before use as these are chemical sunscreens for maximum protection. 

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